Investor Relations Programs


Our main goal in establishing an investor relations function within the company has always been to keep a two-way communication going between our investors and Senior Management. Part of that communication process is ensuring we deliver on these metrics:

1. Be as transparent as possible, without compromising our ability to compete, about our strategy for LBC Express Holdings, Inc. and how we implement in our various portfolio companies

2. Provide a consistent framework that investors can use to evaluate our progress

3. Keep the conversation going, even in difficult operating or regulatory environments

Our efforts above have been complimentary to improving our Corporate Governance. Internally, we view corporate governance as aligning the interests of management with all other stakeholders – with shareholders at the forefront. In this sense, the constant communication fostered by investor relations between management and shareholders reinforces that ideal.

We cannot and do not run our company by focus group discussion but the constant dialogue has encouraged us to:

  1. Distill our strategy into a concise message

  2. Update the tactical implementation of our strategy depending upon the environment

  3. Be frank about the risks we face

  4. Have a defendable view about the value of our own company

When discussing all these with potential or existing investors, they can then make an informed decision about the risk and reward in holding our stock and more easily compare our value in their portfolio versus other potential investments.

Ultimately, however, it is the alignment of interests between shareholders and management that drives the importance placed on both investor relations and corporate governance. As such, the corporate environment that has proven a fertile ground for the development of Investor Relations and Corporate Governance will continue to be the same and all stakeholders can look forward to that.

For analysts and investors, please contact:
Investor Relations
[email protected]